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Problems Solved in 40+ years of applied maths and science

Business and Economics.
Advertizing: Find the value of advertising:  McCann found a way of assessing its value in brand share terms.
Competition: Explain how an expensive product continues to compete: McCann identified the market communication mechanism and the dynamics of choice.
Demand: Predict the demand for housing (UK market): McCann found a surprise prediction that was right.
Where was the automobile market going? Our assessment showed the driving parameters and future market course.
Explain the decorative wallcoverings market:  McCann revealed an underlying structure of use and renewal.
Finance: Put the long term, corporate Cash Flow into perspective. McCann did, including gearing and project ROI.
Human Resources: Elucidate career development in a major corporation: McCann showed how small changes in corporate growth can magnify or destroy an individual's prospects for promotion.
Other problem areas tackled include: acquisitions, capital planning, resource allocation.

Manufacturing Processes.
Glass Making: Simulate a glass industry furnace forehearth: McCann provided a working model and eliminated a lot of industrial folklore.
Heat Exchange: Model a heat transfer process taking place on an indexing table for control design.
Devise calibration methods and explain dynamic behaviour of a miniature heat exchanger as surrogate for a big one.
Polymer Making: Fix a polymer reaction's wierd behaviour: McCann uncovered the power of stirring.
Fermentation: Get a biological fermentation process under control. The model showed how to continue production when all might have been dumped.
Web Coating: Understand a new vacuum web coating process. The simulation became the live record of accumulated knowledge. Later work has developed models of the gas kinetics involved in the heat transfer between the chilled coating drum and the thin plasic sheet wrapped, stretched and heated by metal vapour (vapor). Another topic has been the mechanics of the buckling of the web to form "tram lines" as it passes round the drum.
Crimp & Press: Explain why a crimp and press operation did not do what was expected.Our computation of the forces revealed inadequacies in the equipment.
Glass to Metal Seals: Explain unexpected differences between two glass to metal sealing oven (lehr) processes. McCann found explanations in the bubble mobility as the glass softened.
Induction Heating: Fix an RF soldering process. As well as the heat transfer analysis, McCann even had a way of measuring inside the heated part.
Other problem areas tackled include: distillation, reaction kinetics, control system design. McCann is expert in the behaviour of dynamic distributed parameter systems.

Air Bag Igniters: Get the sensitivity of air-bag igniters right. McCann did the heat transfer analysis, as well as RF ferrite filter design.
Microwave Antennas: Design antennas for retail security systems: Our programmed design method also produced the the microstrip layouts.
Modem filters: Solving a problem with signal propagation in a long Transmission Line led to a new filter design.
Air Cooled Extrusion: Design a cooled feed tube for an extrusion process. The design worked well, and our analysis predicted thermal performance to within a few degrees.
Other problem areas tackled include: Injection moulding, machining, circuit layout (in 3D), patent preparation and circumvention.

Production and Operations (OR).
Toxic Chemicals Production: Control the flow of toxic gases. Our analysis for resource allocation resulted in a new and valuable method of running the plant.
Instrumentation: Set up on-line instrumentation for electrical testing of explosive devices: McCann designed and proved the methods, the calibration and then the IEEE488 instrumentation.
Make a helium leak testing system work. McCann explained the performance limits then produced the scheme for set up and calibration.
Optimal Investment: Optimize the use of pallets in an automated factory. Our simulation showed both the best number of pallets and the rules for using them.
Other problem areas tackled include: linear Programming (LP) resource allocation, project management.

Tools and Methods.
The most powerful tool for McCann Science is Mathcad, giving good documentation to clients, supported by strong computational algorithms.
Analogue computers, simulators and hybrid machines are part of my (practical, hands on) background.
Various Programming languages and computational tools are used as appropriate.
I (MJMcC) have also developed a simulation tool, McSimAPN, for easy use in exploratory modelling which combines the abilities to do both Discrete Event Simulation and Continuous Systems Simulation in one package. I've posted it on this website for DOWNLOAD by anyone interested.

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Easy Availability.
UK Contact Info. USA Locations Making initial contact is easy. There's no charge for an initial, confidential discussion. I do small jobs and long term project support and can travel anywhere at short notice, work remotely giving results by email and act as an extension to your team. Available easily in the Eastern USA (DE, PA, NJ, NY, MD, VA, DC) and Canada and in the UK.

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Business & Commerce
TV Advertising
Drugs Competition
Housing Demand
Automobiles Demand
Wallcoverings Battle
Cash Flow
Human Resources
Project Management
Patent Analysis

Chemical Industry
Cooling Tower
Polymer Process
Heat exchange
Supercritical Fluid
Distributed parameter
Toxic gas allocation

Control systems
Initiation systems
Ferrite Filters
Microstrip Antennas

Production & Process
Automated manufacture
Crimp and Press
Glass making
Glass molding
Glass to metal seals
Heat exchanger
Helium Leak Testing
RF Soldering
Vacuum web coating

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Invitation. McCann can help if you have a design or operational problem that needs some technical support that is outside your team's experience, some quantitative assessment of what is really the cause of the difficulties, some design alternatives or just a fresh look by an intelligent interrogator.
If you have a problem with the behaviour of a market sector, plant, process or item of equipment and would like to get a quantitative handle on it to improve yield or optimise performance, then contact me. I'm always ready to give a little time to discuss a new puzzle, in confidence, of course. We'll only worry about fees when there is some defined work. I can be flexible about how I work with you.
Dr M.J.McCann,
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